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All round, there was evidence for modest shifts inside the protective association of obtaining close good friends with college plans when adjusting for danger behaviors. The lowest odds of frequent marijuana use connected with obtaining close mates who plan to visit college was found when adjusting for getting close buddies who've been/gotten an individual pregnant (OR, 0.16; pG0.01; Model two). Adjusting for close buddies who have spent time in detention also resulted title= jir.2010.0108 in reduce odds of frequent marijuana use (Model four). Controlling for truant close pals rendered the protective association with having close pals who program to go to college insignificant (Model 3). This obtaining is most likely due to obtaining a big quantity of close friends that are each truant and program to go to college. Ultimately, for the totally adjusted model (Model five), which incorporated the threat qualities and also the covariates, obtaining close pals with higher education aspirations had a protective association in terms of frequent marijuana use (OR,TABLE three Weekly marijuana use OR 0.27 1.45 0.95 1.48 3.58 4.77 four.45 (0.75?.79) (0.49?.86) (0.72?.06) (1.63?.88) (2.43?.35) (2.23?.90) 0.27 0.88 0.29 ** ** ** 1.51 0.52 1.03 1.7 7.37 2.74 (0.58?.92) (0.18?.49) (0.48?.21) (0.58?.99) (1.73?1.4) (1.ten?.83) (0.09?.79) 0.02 0.29 (0.06?.53) 95 CI p worth OR 95 CI Weekly alcohol useOdds of frequent substance use across participant networks by close friend group traits (N=162, 72 networks)p worth 0.14 0.40 0.22 0.93 0.34 0.01 0.HOMIES WITH ASPIRATIONS AND Constructive PEER0.(0.05?.47)**0.(0.48?.40)0.0.(0.08?.24)0.0.(0.04?.20)0.Close close friends qualities Model 1* Program to visit a 4-year college Isparities in collective efficacy and other indicators of social well-being resulting Presently in a 2-year college At the moment within a 4-year college Currently in a job-training plan Skip or cut class at the very least when per week Spent a evening in detention Been pregnant/gotten an individual pregnant Model 2* Adjusting for pregnant close friends: Strategy to visit a 4-year college Model 3* Adjusting for close good friends that skip/cut class: Program to visit a 4-year college Model 4* Adjusting for close pals in detention: Program to go to a 4-year college Model 5* Adjusting for all close buddy threat qualities: Strategy to go to a 4-year college 0.32 (0.13?.83) 0.02 0.38 (0.05?.57) 0.19 (0.06?.58) ** 0.25 (0.04?.47)0.0.*Covariates: age, gender, social services, US middle school**pG0.01VAN DOMMELEN-GONZALEZ ET AL.0.19; pG0.01). The association in between having close pals who plan to visit college and frequent alcohol use was marginal and in the anticipated path (OR, 0.26; p=0.12). Of note, in spite of shifts in the protective association of getting close buddies who pan to go to college and frequent marijuana use, there had been overlapping self-assurance intervals with all models.