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Part 8:HIGH CLASS PROSTITUTES The public’s knowledge about hookers and their relations with pimps is based mainly on media stereotypes, at one extreme, we see examples of sex workers with hearts of gold in movies such as Pretty Woman, while at the other extreme we are shown images of haggerd streetwalking prostitutes in black fishnet stockings, knee-length boots involved in drug abuse. High-class/elite/corporate sex workers are not so easy to identify as they are not likely to approach anyone customers directly like other hookers do, they live in plush apartments in the city centres and primarily post their services as escorts dressed in elegant outfits and sexy lingerie on the internet. Some of these corporate escorts will do all their advertising independently but most will opt to use the services of escort agencies at a fee, these escort agencies will advertise, market and answer calls from perspective punters for the corporate escorts. elite prostitute sites are well-organized, they are easy to navigate, the clients can pick and choose sex workers from photos, according to ethnicity, size, hair colour, intimate physical details, age and services offered. On these escort agency sites, services are listed in short form, GFE standing for "girlfriend experience," which means the prostitute will act like a girlfriend in many ways including french kissing and all types of foreplay etc. PSE stands for "porn star experience," which means the prostitute will do just about anything. These corporate hookers will not see anywhere near as many clients as the brothel or street walking hookers and their fees will be considerably higher ranging from about $200 to $1000 and sometimes higher for an HOUR of “fun”. elite sex worker are usually highly educated, presentable and will easily pass for a long term partner when out with a customer, rich customers will sometimes hire a corporate hooker as assistants, travel companions for weekends away or international holidays. All is not rosey in the life of a elite prostitute, living costs are high when maintaining a plush lifestyle in the city, competition is high and the shelf-life of a corporate prostitute is short as newer and younger models always come on the scene. Reputation is everything for a elite hooker, the majority of the punters (because of the monies involved) only visit corporate sex workers that have good reviews or from stories other client have said about them on escort review websites. A single bad review or bad experience from a client will destroy the business to the elite hooker. Because of this fact, elite prostitutes are very careful about their job, regular health checks and good hygiene are mandatory, customers claiming to have received an STD or that the apartment was filthy WILL destroy the business. Because of this, some argue that its safer to have sex with a truly high-class sex worker than a random partner met in a bar or night-club that does not know the seriousness of STDs or why you need a health check at a GUM clinic regularly if you are sexually active with multiple partners.When there are no calls and the high-class sex worker is struggling, you will find them at the bars of top hotels having a drink alone, they will not entice potential customers but if anyone approached them, they will politely let them know how much it would cost to go to their room.

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